We tested a room in our house for mold with a kit from Home Depot (sent to lab for results). The results indicated that we have mold. Even though it appears we don't have the toxic kind we'd like to get an estimate on remediation/moisture control suggestions.

Brian B

Just last Aug. bought my condo thru my VA benefits then when installing a new dishwasher found black mold. What is the best way to get rid to it permanently?

Roger R

There is a hall closet that smells like mildew and causing all the items in it to smell also. The closet backs up to the show. Wondering is there may be a break in the tiles or around the enclosure that could have let moisture to enter the wall. There is no sign of anything on the walls of the closet but have noticed a bulging area in the ceiling of the laundry room below the closet area.

Sandra A

Need an estimate for mold removal on some floor joists in the basement of a new home at N1677 Mount Hope Road. Brodhead,WI.

Doug M

I have black mold in my attic.

Brooke T

I am considering buying a house but I spent 10 minutes in the house the other day and I could smell the mold in the air and feel it in my lungs. There is a leaking outside shower and I believe the water is dripping into the crawl space below the house. If the mold can be completely removed, I want to buy the house. I'd like an estimate for mold removal services.

Heather J

We have found mold in our bedroom and living room.

Carly W

a possible pipe leak, has caused a 12x12 room to have possible mold growth. Water entry is through the exterior wall. The carpet needs to be removed from the room, and a section of the exterior walls needs to be removed, and the studs need to be cleaned, as well as a Three pieces of furniture in the room. and some small items.

Michael G

Rent home, landlord agreeable. Leakage around fireplace, mold damage to wall, ceiling, attic. We need mold removal.

Nora G

We are having symptoms from mold exposure and we are unsure if our shower is leaking.

Dave N